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Gastropub & Restaurant in Burbank Serving Up Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads & More with Craft Beer to Match

Any local knows that the true hub for entertainment is Burbank, not Hollywood. Our Simmzy’s Burbank location is nestled among Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, and Burbank studios, as well as a neighbor to the iHeartRadio Theater. Homey but elegant, we think Simmzy’s fits perfectly in Burbank.

  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Tacos


What makes a burger good? Well, that’s our secret, but it’s clear we know. Our burgers range from the classic Simmzy’s Burger to the elegant Billionaire Burger, but don’t be fooled: either way, you’re eating like a king.

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Simmzy’s does sandwiches right. They come in all varieties: crispy rock cod to grilled chicken. They’re even portable. Get an extra. Put it in your pocket. Ya know, for later.

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You can never go wrong with salads, which is why we serve every kind. Our menu boasts everything from Oak Grilled Shrimp to Chicken Apple Walnut. Fully loaded doesn't just apply to nachos anymore.

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You can never go wrong with tacos, which is why we serve every kind. We serve everything from Hawaiian to Carne Asada. Like your tacos deconstructed? Good news. We have nachos, too.

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Fresh, For You

We didn’t just “make” this for you. We grew, ordered, crafted, and prepared it for, all-caps, Y-O-U.

Family Owned

A Simmzy isn’t just a pub, it’s a person. In fact, it’s a whole family of them. And they make food!


Our restaurants depend on local farmers, ranchers, brewers and more. Look at them go. They’re doing so well.

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You wouldn’t show up at the airport and hope they have enough seats for your group. Make sure you don’t miss a flight (of beer). Book below.

Simmzy's Beer: Handcrafted from Grain to Glass.

Beer goes great with everything, but not every beer goes great with everything. At Simmzy’s, we always want you to have the perfect pairing. With such a diverse menu, it’s only right that we provide you with a variety of beers. We’ve got ales, lagers, porters, and everything in between. And we’ll drink to that.

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Made for a Meal

The perfect meal balances food and beer equally. Your server will recommend the best combination, but your options are limitless. You’re allowed to mix and match here.

Building Our Brews

Our brews are raised by a whole brew family: beer aficionado Mike Simms, Brewmaster Brian Herbertson, and Brewing Partner & Advanced Cicerone Greg Bechtel.

Quality Assured

Because the beer is ours, we’re in control every step of the way. Each batch of grain-to-glass beer is quality checked...and taste tested.

Simmzy's Story

Serendipity: "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise."

During the period it took to obtain permits for Tin Roof Bistro, another Simms restaurant, Mike Simms busied himself by brewing beer in his garage and taste-testing the future burger menu. Around the same time, his brother Chris moved closer; the brothers hadn't lived in such close proximity for over 10 years. Wanting to grab a good brew together, the two realized nothing nearby satisfied their craving. Their neighborhood desperately needed a craft beer bar, and just like that, Simmzy's was born. Viola!

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We heard you didn’t want to leave your house tonight, but still wanted Simmzy’s. No need to daydream, we’re moving the party to your place. Thanks for hosting!

Why We Love Burbank

  • History

    Burbank emphasizes its rich history and diverse culture. Burbank’s “three ingredients” are people, pride, and progress. It started tiny and rural in the 1860s, and quickly grew to be the exciting yet tranquil neighborhood it is today as the aviation and entertainment industries moved in.

  • Entertainment

    Studio tours and TV show tapings are popular must-do’s for anyone in the Los Angeles area, both offered in beautiful Burbank. The city boasts a long list of entertainment pieces filmed within its borders, and Simmzy’s is excited for our big break. Until then, we’ll just keep serving celebrity sightings alongside our burgers.

  • Nature/Foothills

    Burbank is nestled in the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains, lending it one of the best locations for parks and recreation. There are more forested areas with sprawling hills and adventurous hikes, like along Stough Canyon. For the less outdoorsy, Burbank has recreational parks with tennis centers, pools, and creative art centers.

  • Nightlife

    Don’t let Burbank’s suburban feel fool you; this city is alive at night too. Burbank features a number of lounges, bars, and cocktail venues, all perfect for any occasion. And don’t worry, Simmzy’s Burbank is open until midnight. That way, you can always pair your late night outings with feel-good food.

  • People

    Burbank is populated with families, and even those living alone note that the community is close knit enough to be kin. Kids love the nearby theme parks, young professionals work in beautiful Downtown Burbank, and people of all ages call it home. Simmzy’s loves Burbank for the same reason its citizens do: it has everything.