Simmzy’s Craft Beer

Craft Beer Perfected

Think back to your first beer...quite frankly, it was most likely low-quality and canned in a giant factory. We do things a little differently here. Our Simmzy's signature beers are brewed at the Burbank brewpub, and the rotating speciality beers are carefully hand-selected. Thirsty? Good. It's time for a beer, SoCal style.

Beach Cruisn' Blonde


Our Beach Cruisn’ Blonde is a pilsner malt focused blonde ale. It has a snap of bitterness up front that leads into a nice Pekko hop hint of lime, mint, cucumber, and mild noble spice. This smooth, citrus aftertaste makes the Cruisn’ light, crisp, and refreshing.

Tips Up IPA


Surf’s up, Tips Up. This American IPA features a firm but kind bitterness paired with big hop aroma. There are hints of grapefruit, coconut, and tropical fruit, making it light and refreshing. This beer is a solid west coaster that tastes even better with a beachside view.

Tide Pool Pale Ale


Clean but snappy, malty but hoppy, the Tide Pool Pale Ale does it all. This American ale has notes of fresh cut grass, candied lemon peel, and under-ripe green papaya. It's well-rounded, tropical, and fruity -- the perfect summer beer.

Simmzy’s Porter


Simmzy's Porter is an American classic. With a toasty, roasty, and creamy texture, it's the ideal brunch beer. It's bold and refreshing, with both chocolate and vanilla notes shining through. Looking for perfectly smooth beer with a malty finish? You're in luck.

Our Brewery

Our brewery might have an origin story as a passion project in Mike Simms' garage, but we've come a long way since then (much to the happiness of Mike's wife). Now, our state-of-the-art facility consists of a seven-barrel system that spans two floors of our Burbank location, the top level of which is a full brew house. The brew lines run through the very walls of the restaurant, briefly entering kegs, hitting taplines, and ultimately filling your glass.

Our Philosophy

We believe the future of beer lies in returning to its roots, crafting drinks from quality, unprocessed ingredients, so they're just as much fresh as they are tasty.

Our Quality Control Process

At Simmzy's, taste-testing is encouraged. On top of closely monitoring the brewery process, we also sip every batch along with you. Yum.


We make our beer fresh and with quality stuff, because beer and bread are made from the same ingredients. Would you eat old, low-quality bread? Us either!

Craft Beer Brewed for Food

Simmzy's is always one step ahead, which is why we knew you'd want a cold one along with your food. Our beers are brewed to specifically compliment certain meals. Need help picking? Don’t fret; we’re crafty.